Saturday, December 18, 2010

How I Feel !?

Omg Omg Omg I have to control my self :'(
Pls Pls dun let the feelings come back
this is so not goooddd...

What am I gonna do !~ Besides torturing my
own self ...I cant control my self....
Crying is all i can do...!

Is so unconfortable ...what am I gonna do !?~
I dunno what too do.....
Cant share so much with others ,dun wanna
cause any problem ....

I really really dunno what can i do.......
I did my best to hide it all behide..
what else can i do .....
I bare it a long time all ready I can't take it any longer ..

I really hope this does not hurt but it does
I i took so much of it all by my self
this is a torture....which i can't fix or do anything
about it...!~

It really does hurt alot...

Can't Control My Self !!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facebook Addict !

Omg is not that i want to be one...i got
nothing better to do....

Omg Facebook Addict !!~~


Plus big Eye bag !!~~~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glad She Is Back :) Thank you Lord..

Quite Busy nowadays...I hope my mom get well soon.
She went for a Operation about 1 day ago
operate her stomach fibriot :(
I Pray that she will heal faster,buy with God's Healing..
I'm sure she would... ^^

I still remember the look on her face went she
came back to the bed faster the operation
that just bring tears to my eyes....
because she is in pain :S

I also hope there is no side effect ...on any part of
her wound and body ...!!~besides that..
I hope her pain will faster go that she
no need to feel so much pain any more...

Oh and i wanna wish thank you to my aunty...
for taking care of my mom too...
staying over at the hospital..must be really tired..
sleep only for 4 hours...^^ so thanks :)

I am really tired to sleep over at my aunty's house
for two nights...why tired !?~ Well my cousin
wants me to play with with her..and watch tv
even ,ask me eat with her untill 12 and more ...
I'm like drain in the middle of the night..
guess what !???~ -.-"

My cousin dreaming i guess talking suddenly...
I woke up like a few times...untill kenot tahan
call out her name and say sleep properly..
maybe jsut normal dreams hehe.....
anyways I home my mom continue to heal faster ... :)

Thank you Lord that the surgery went well...
I pray you will continue to heal her...
and be with as she rest here at home :)
Amen !!!

P.s- I love u Mom and you to lord hehe ^^

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I still will Follow you ...

Lord , No matter how many times i fall or
why I fall and do stupid things...
I'm sorry I really really Sorry Of what i done..
I may fall once ..twice or more..
But I know i have to get back up and come back to you..

I still will praise you ....wordship u no matter what..
nothing is gonna go in my way and stop me
from going closer to you and be your child ......
no one can destroy our relationship between you and me...
you understand me most.....u hav given me so much..

No matter what i go thru you are always there for me
no matter what !~ you hold me in your arms...
I felt the safety of ur arms...went my tears fall there..
to let me cry on your shoulders and to take care of me..

Went i'm sick you always Heal me ..went i call for u ...
I can't fall asleep at night your there beside me..
to keep me company...I need some one to talk too..
you are there to listen ...I need you and you are always there..
I thannk you for the things you have done in my life...
I will always be your child ....I love you alot....

I'm Healed

Aheemm !~~ was sick last few days...OMG!~
such a torture man ...coughing away
Fluuuuu fever thats sucks alottt....
I miss out youth and church ...
Sorryyy I din goooo!!~ :(Add Image

Anyways after this few days i'm getting better
Healing quite fast thank you Lord
for the Healing ,if not i'll be half dead
Now left my cough still around
Always Midnight the cough attack me...
makes me cough so annoying ...i dun wanna wake anyone
you know i cough so loud ... @_@

Anyways ..nothing to doo only edditing my photos ..
upload it ....comment on stuff ....
Such a boring sec,minute,hour,day ,week,month year !!!!!
Lols...gonna start my course next year...
Haiz...meanwhile stuck at home rest all year
thank you i can rest to much lord but soon I want to get out there
and start do do what i should do ....

Dun wanna waste anymore time...time is really important !!!``
signing of now nothing else to talk about ....
Besides boredom ,Boredom and BOREDOM .....lolxxx
forgive me ...hahehehe